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Split Flow Hydraulic Manifold

Brand: Enerpac
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Improved safety on basic simultaneous lifting applications

The SFM-Series offer an economical solution for basic multi-point simultaneous lifting applications and enables a single operator to control a maximum of 4 lifting points from one manifold.

The Split-Flow Manifolds are equipped with pressure compensated flow control valves, to preset and limit advance and retract speed of each cylinder, allowing to move up to 4 cylinders simultaneously.

Minimum pump oil flow must be 0,82 l/min (ZE4-Series pumps) to deliver 0,15 l/min per cylinder. Several SFM-models can be connected parallel to the same pump to allow simultaneous operation of 8, 12 or 16 cylinders.

Higher flow pumps are required to achieve faster advance speeds. A 20% higher oil flow must be considered for a proper speed compensation.

Example : when using 4 cylinders: if oil flow of 0,45 l/min is required per cylinder, the pump oil flow must be: 4 x 0,45 = 1,8 l/min + 20% = 2,16 l/min

The maximum stroke deviation between the cylinders can reach up to 10% depending on the cylinder pressure.

Oil flow adjustment is also possible during cylinder operation by fine tuning using the flow control valves.

All cylinders connected to the SFM manifold must have the same capacity (effective area). Both advance and retract speed are limited by the same valves. Use hoses of the same lengths to improve the accuracy of the hydraulic system. improved precision when difference of pressures among the cylinders is within 300 bar.

  • Split-Flow Manifolds improve safety, precision and control in lifting and lowering operations
  • Pressure gauge, flow control valve in each outlet port; CR400 couplers installed in each inlet and outlet port
  • Regulates both advance and retract speeds: lifting and lowering
  • 1 inlet, 4 outlets. Maximum of 4 single-acting cylinders per manifold
  • Minimum pump oil flow: 0,82 l/min to deliver 0,15 l/min per cylinder
  • Maximum difference among outlets: 10% of the stroke
  • More cylinders can be controlled simultaneously by connecting several SFM-models parallel

Flow Control Valves
The Split-Flow Manifold has pressure compensated flow control valves installed in each outlet line. The oil flow from the SFM-Manifold to each cylinder can be adjusted by turning the knob on the valve.
1/2 knob turn is 0,15 l/min oil flow,
1 knob turn is 0,45 l/min oil flow,
1 1/2 knob turns is 0,75 l/min oil flow,
2 knob turns is 0,90 l/min oil flow,
2 1/2 knob turns is 1,3 l/min oil flow,
3 knob turns is 1,9 l/min oil flow,
3 1/2 knob turns is 3,6 l/min oil flow,
4 knob turns is 5,6 l/min oil flow,
4 1/2 knob turns is 8,3 l/min oil flow,
Open is 10,3 l/min oil flow.

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