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To which countries do you export?

We export to virtually every country around the world. We provide assistance with product selection, shipping, delivery and export documentation.

Is there a TMP Branch in my area?

We have 3 branches in Peninsular Malaysia, 2 pick-up location in East Malaysia and 1 pick-up location Singapore. In regions where we do not have TMP stocking branches, you still have access to TMP products through our worldwide export services.

Is there a TMP Representative in my area?

We have TMP Representatives throughout Malaysia.

Can I use the Internet to place an export order?

Yes. TMP products can be ordered on this website. www.tomac.com.my is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can register online now.

How long does it take to ship product?

We can usually fulfil your order within 2 - 5 business days for products in stock, depending on the order size. For products not in stock, we will send your order when the goods are back in stock. Shipping and delivery time depends on the method selected and the import customs processes in the country of destination.

Are you a manufacturer?

No. TMP does not manufacture any products. We supply high quality industrial and commercial products from over 20 brand name manufacturers – including Stanley®, Proto®, DeWalt®, Ingersoll-Rand®, Honeywell & etc

Do you have product sourcing services?

Yes. We have access to more than 5,000,000 items from more than 10,000 suppliers through the TMP Sourcing Department. Contact your dedicated TMP Representative, to get a quote.

Can I become a TMP resale partner?

Please contact your TMP Representative to provide you with information on how you may qualify for reseller status with TMP.

How do I establish an account?

New customers may establish a TMP either way noted below.

  1. Register on www.tomac.com.my
  2. Contact your TMP Representative to set up an account. Provide your company name, address and phone number by faxing it to us on your company letterhead. We will work with you to make sure that everything is in order
How do I check the status of an order?

Call your TMP Representative for help with order-related matters.

Can all items be exported?

Not all items in the TMP Catalog can be exported. Some supplier agreements prohibit us from selling in selected markets; we will not export to those particular markets. If a supplier has not provided updated international trade data for certain products, we cannot export those items either. TMP strives to work with suppliers to ensure we can export as many items as possible.

How do I return a product or make a claim?

If a product needs to be returned, contact your TMP Representative for authorization and instructions. TMP will not accept any unauthorized returns. If you receive a shipment that has visible damage, please contact your freight forwarder or carrier immediately. In the event the forwarder or carrier wishes to inspect the shipment, materials must be made available to the TMP Representative for assistance. For concealed damage, (damaged items with no visible packaging damage) please contact your TMP Representative for assistance immediately.

How do I request an inquiry or quote?

You may submit an inquiry through email or phone to your TMP Representative.

How do I place an order?

You may register online now, and place your orders directly through www.tomac.com.my, or place your order by email, fax or phone through your TMP Representative.

How quickly can you send me a quote or Proforma?

Most requests for quotations are processed within 24 hours (one business day). Large quotations or quotations for items not found in our catalog are usually processed within 2 - 5 business days). We will notify you of any quotations that require more processing time.

Do you offer any special pricing or discounts?

We periodically have special promotions from which you can receive special prices. Special promotions are available online, in which case you will automatically receive promotional prices when ordering online. For other special pricing and discounts contact your TMP Representative. Your customer specific pricing is also available online—please allow 48 hours after you register online to receive your customer-specific pricing.

What are export shipping terms and conditions?

All TMP export orders are shipped are ExWorks - risk transfers from TMP to the customer when the goods are at the disposal of the buyer at a TMP shipping location.

What freight options do you offer?

You may choose to use your designated freight forwarder for shipment and delivery, or you may ask us to select a carrier based on your needs. We can ship your order Express Courier door-to-door (including: FedEx International Priority and Economy, DHL Worldwide Express, UPS International Express and USPS Parcel Post or Priority Service (available only to APO/FPO and U.S. territories), air freight or ocean (LCL and FCL). We will provide you with estimated freight costs, transit time and costs of any special documentation and handling fees.

How are duties determined and paid?

The importer of record (customer) is responsible for payment of duty and taxes and meeting all import requirements. Import duties and taxes are determined by the government of the import country.

How long does it take to ship product?

The transit time varies depending on the destination, mode of transportation selected by you (air/ocean/courier) and the weight and/or volume of the shipment. We will indicate the estimated transit time in our quotation or order confirmation.

Can you provide quotes for actual packing weights and dimension weights?

We can provide you with estimated shipping weights and dimensions; however, we cannot provide actual weights and dimensions until an order is ready for shipping.

What are TMP’s general terms and conditions?

Click here to view all terms and conditions.

What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are prepayment or open account billing (net 30 days, pre-qualification is required

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept wire transfers, letters of credit, major credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express), and bank drafts. Prior to submitting a letter of credit, you must contact your TMP Representative for instructions. Failure to do so may result in additional fees and delays. For assistance with wire transfers contact your TMP Representative.

How do I obtain an open line of credit?

Contact your TMP Representative for a Credit Application. Please submit the application with your company's address, banking information, Dun & Bradstreet number and credit references.