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Service & Calibration

Who is TMPL?

TMP Lab is an newly accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2017


The Mission

TMPL’s mission is to offer the the best quality of service from the an schedule, quality and safety aspect and be the one stop solution provider in the industry in Malaysia


What is Calibration Services?

Calibration is the comparison between measurements from testing out an instrument (unit under test/ calibration) against a known reference value otherwise known as the standard.


Why is calibration important?

With calibration, we are able to ensure the drift of the instrument is minimized and maintain the capability of the instrument to provide the accurate measured applications.


Therefore it is critical that all instruments are calibrated and test at appropriate intervals. Without calibration, there will be an elevated risk of uncertainty with the use of aforementioned instrument.


What TMPL can offer?

TMPL provides the best services for the calibration of Torque Tools. TMP also provides adjustment and MRO services for the aforemention category of tools & equipment. TMP is the authorized service center for PROTO, FACOM, TOHNICHI, TJG, BRITOOL & more to come soon. TMPL is committed to provide excellent service and performance in accordance with industry and safety standards.

What’s Next?

TMPL will be expending the scope of accreditation and calibration abilities soon. Do subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed and updated on our progress. 

On-Site Services will be coming soon. TMP will be offering the complete suite of on-site services necessary to improve your productivity through scheduled calibrations, preventative maintenance, loss prevention and operator training. Our service vehicles will come to you, eliminating the downtime and potential loss associated with shipping your tools for service.